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Our new strategic ally has a great history. They started as a port agent in the 1960s, until they became a company that provides comprehensive solutions for different industries. AGUNSA covers the maritime, air, and logistics world and also works as a representative agency for its clients.


Sebastián Santacruz, Corporate Commercial Manager, explains that as a Chilean company present in 20 countries, including China, they have a great responsibility with each of their clients. “We focus very strongly on providing 360 solutions in foreign trade, this means that we solve in the exporting country and in the importing country. This constantly challenges us and allows us to grow hand in hand with the demands of today's markets ”, he says.


AGUNSA, being a strategic ally of the Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce, will allow our partners to have all the experience of a company that has strong technological platforms, coverage in America, Asia and Europe and innovation when doing business. "All our systems are in the cloud and with a web connection, therefore, the pandemic did not take away our productivity and we were able to give continuity to the processes," says Sebastián.


AGUNSA's mission is to strengthen and expand the network of services to cargo, passengers, means of transport and terminals, with an effective and sustainable offer that adds value to customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.


he challenges are implicit in the company's objectives: our coverage in America, Europe and Asia and our new technological platforms. Both technological innovation and coverage growth, and even structural and operational changes, point to AGUNSA being an increasingly competitive company, with better productivity and an evident global character.

Name: Agunsa


Category: International Logistics




Services: Maritime scheduling, air representations, concessions and terminal operations, eCommerce logistics, logistics, boat services, tugboats, container storage, sale and rental of containers, bunkering and port logistics.


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Phone: (+56 2) 2460 2700


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