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The Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce - CCAP   (Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce - APCC) was founded on March 6, 2002 in Santiago de Chile led by the President of the CCAP (2002 - 2010), Mr. Octavio Errázuriz (currently Ambassador of Chile to the Holy See and director of the CCAP). It is founded with the mission of disseminating among the business community the leading role of the Asia Pacific region as one of the main international business centers of the 21st century. In this context, its main mission is to encourage and advise the commercial exchange between Latin American companies with their counterparts in the Asia Pacific region and vice versa, through the delivery of various services that allow us to act as a business facilitator .


The Chamber also serves as a link with the public and private organizations of both regions.


As of 2019 , the Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce - CCAP ® has established a cooperation agreement with the Hong Kong - Latin America Business Association (HKLABA) ; New members who join the CCAP will become part of HKLABA. Increasing the network of contacts with more than 13,000 senior executives established in the most important markets in the world.


Our objectives are:


  • Promote the leading role of the Asia Pacific region as the main international business center of the 21st century.

  • Inform about business opportunities and challenges for the import and export of products and services.

  • Empower companies and institutions associated and linked to the Chamber by inserting their commercial activities in the Pacific Basin.

  • Train entrepreneurs in matters that allow them to develop their ventures within the region.


Our mission is to encourage, promote and advise commercial activity between companies and public and private institutions, of the countries and economies that make up the Asia Pacific region, acting as a business facilitator between Latin America and Asia.


Depending on the plan you choose, here are 14 ways that membership works:


  • Join our Chamber with a vision of the future and participate in the construction of your sector and business area.

  • We include you as part of a movement that works to create a competitive business environment where businesses of all types can prosper and develop.

  • Incorporation as a partner to the Hong Kong - Latin America Business Association ( HKLABA )

  • It connects you to a unique network of contacts of more than 100,000 companies.

  • We contact you between 2 to 4 real stakeholders in your business, whether you need to sell or buy. (1 country).

  • Look for your participation in discussions between 2 to 4 work tables a year that provoke thoughts that directly affect your business interests.

  • Raise your company's brand with various sponsorship and promotion opportunities in our various activities.

  • 1 company verification per year.

  • Monthly newsletter.

  • Raise the profile of your company with official government entities, as well as with other organizations and business leaders.

  • It gives you the opportunity to contribute to the development of policies and promotional initiatives that will have a positive impact on the economy of your company

  • Seek your participation in roundtable discussions that elicit thoughts that directly affect their business interests.

  • It gives you access to affinity programs that can help you save your organization time and money.

  • It allows you to foster your key network connections through opportunities from our activities.

Photograph of the board of the CCAP with the HKLABA at a meeting of the Cooperation Agreement CCAP- HKLABA , held on 23 January 2020 in Carey Studies, Santiago de Chile.


The top management of the Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce - CCAP ® , focuses on its Board of Directors, which for its period 2020 - 2022 is made up of 20 members, who represent the business, academic and political sectors, all with relevant links to the Asia Pacific and a long history of contact with the region.


Currently the CCAP - HKLABA Presidency for the period 2020 - 2022 is being held on an interim basis by Mr. Eduardo Frei (Ex-President of Chile), seconded by 4 vice presidents;


  1. Alberto Salas

  2. Alvaro Echeverria

  3. Charles kimber

  4. Jorge Carey


Board members:


  1. Andres Rebolledo

  2. Henry Marshall

  3. Gaston Gacitúa

  4. Hernán Larraín

  5. Ignacio Sanchez

  6. Juan Luis Ceballos placeholder image

  7. Luis Riveros

  8. Luis Schmidt

  9. Manuel Jose Prieto

  10. Maria Isabel Muñoz

  11. Monica Duwe

  12. Octavio Errázuriz

  13. Osvaldo rosale

  14. Ricardo Hepp

  15. Wladimir scharffo


Former Presidents Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce - CCAP ®


2011 - 2018 Mr. Francisco Garcés RIP

2002 - 2010 Mr. Octavio Errázuriz

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