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RED LOGÍSTICA SpA (REDLOG), is the new strategic ally of the CCAP and its role will be to advise our partners on logistics, making all their infrastructure and services available to them, as an integrated logistics operator. This is another step in the growth of talents and experience, for the benefit of those who see the Asian market as a great platform for development and growth.



REDLOG was born as an innovative company in logistics, thanks to the vision of businessmen and executives from the maritime port world. It was created to become one of the main operators in foreign trade, logistics, physics, documentary and cargo support services throughout the extended chain that includes National and International Land Transportation; Air Transport, Maritime Transport, Logistics Services, National Distribution, Special Services, Customs and Value Added Services.


However, its history is much older and is full of passion, conviction and a clear objective: to integrate the worldview of the East into Latin America as a state policy. But what does this mean? Ángel Rojas, one of his partners sums it up as follows: “If we want to break the monopoly of Alibaba and Amazon, we will have to turn on the light and pass the great language barrier imposed by China and for that we are physically installing ourselves Shanghai in order to assure the Latin American market an inclusive, fast, efficient service without a language barrier. "


REDLOG, brings together a group of experts with the interest of making a profound change in the world of logistics oriented to the Asian market. For this, they have an important network of real and proven contacts to join forces mainly in Latin America and Central America. Gonzalo Davanigno, another of its partners, affirms that the synergy and release of barriers between the countries is very important and for this they are working together with the CCAP, “we are going to open the Central American market and strengthen the commercial relationship in that area and for course in Latin America. We are going to be facilitators for partner companies that wish to operate in the different markets mentioned. Furthermore, our aim is to develop a commercial, logistical and exchange bridge between Asia, the Caribbean and South America, which allows Chilean entrepreneurs to reach those markets with low logistics costs, whether in export or import ”, he explains.


“We are working to develop a different product in terms of service for the Latin American market. One that allows us to be in the entire Asia Pacific and negotiate with the most powerful economy in the world: China ”, concludes Ángel.

Name: Red Logística SpA (REDLOG)


Category: Logistics Operator




Services: Maritime, Air, Land Transport, Special cargo and logistics services.


Contact email:


Phone: +56 2 3268 1527


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